HD playlist english Time Ghost – The Cuban Missile Crisis

In October 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis brought the world one launch code away from full on nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States. This documentary series covers that crisis one day at a time.



  • prologue 1: The Cold War Begins

  • prologue 2: The Cold War Heats Up

  • Day 0: Atomic Tests and Missiles Discoverd

  • Day 1: Shall we destroy Cuba, Mr. President?

  • Day 2: Preparing to invade Cuba

  • Day 3: The Sovier Nuclear Forces on Cuba

  • Day 4: Soviet nukes ready to strike the US

  • Day 5: President Kennedy considers War

  • Day 6: Mr. President did you say blockade, or invade Cuba?

  • Day 7: USA announces a blockade on Cuba

  • Day 8: Kennedy and Khrushchev face reality

  • Day 9: Blockade starts an low altitude flybys over Cuba

  • Day 10: Showdown at the U.N. Corral

  • Day 11: Will President Kennedy invade Cuba after all?

  • Day 12: Black Saturday, nuclear war on autopilot…

  • Day 13: The End to End All Things and Almost Everything


Playlist: The Cuban Missile Crisis Day by Day




Kickstarter Project of Time Ghost to cover World War 2

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